Our "BEST POT" TO-GO provides you with the opportunity to experience our acclaimed Coastal Low-Country Boil without our full service catering.

Great for smaller groups of 2-15 people.  Based on what type of pot you order and for how many people, we can determine the total number of pots you will need. 

CALL ahead and we can have your pot ready to go when you arrive, or stop in, place your order and we’ll put your pot together while you wait! For groups 10+, ask us about our catered service. (minimum of 2 people required for proper steaming purposes)

 Two Ways to Steam 

you steam

we steam


One of our customers' favorite options for having "the Best Pot on the Beach" at home. So easy! Just add liquid (water, beer, white wine - your place your choice!)  and place on your stovetop and let the magic happen.  

Upon popular demand we are now providing our acclaimed low-country seafood boil fully prepared and steamed for you, to-go! Same Great Taste, Ready right away

minimum order: two SERVINGS

minimum order: Two SERVINGs

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The "Classic" - Our Traditional Coastal Boil

$20.95 / person

Our ‘Best Pot on the Beach” includes red bliss potatoes, an ear of sweet corn, 1/4 lb spicy andouille sausage, sweet onions and 1/3 lb of jumbo shrimp all layered and seasoned served with lemon and Matt’s homemade cocktail sauce.  

want EXTRA?

steamed shrimp

$8.99/half lbs - $16.99/lbs


Crab Clusters

$7.99/cluster - $19.99/lbs



think out of the "pot"

LOCAL SCALLOPs........................

$19.99/LB ($9.99/HALF LB)


toss in a tail! Lobster Tail (6 oz.)

mk price


nc pulled pork bbq

$18/QT - $9/PT

creamy coleslaw

$9.99/QT - $5.50/PT

cornbread muffins


Don't Forget Dessert!

key lime pie

$25.95 (8 slices)



 Renting a House? 

Need crab claw crackers, a tablecloth or serving tray for easy clean up?  Just ask, we've got em! 

have any questions?

How much does one pot feed?

Pots are built to order based on per person servings. Depending on what you order, we can put up to 6 orders in one pot.

Can you combine different orders in one pot?

Yes, as long as no one has a specific allergy to any particular ingredient.

How long does it take to steam?

Depending on your type of cooktop, plan for 30 minutes start to finish, for gas and electric coil ranges or 50 minutes for flattop electric ranges.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes! You Steam: for proper steaming the minimum is 2 persons per pot. We Steam: only 1 pot minimum.

Do you need to order ahead of time?

No but if you do call ahead,we can have it ready for you when you arrive.

Is the boil gluten free?

Heck yea!

Can we substitute items?

For allergy and dietary restrictions, we can work with you to customize the pot to fit your needs.

anything else? don't hesitate to call!