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Dining out at the beach can be a daunting task. Leaving the beach early, hour long waits for tables, expensive drinks, and mediocre food are just the start! Let Delmarva Boil Co. solve your dining dilemma with our unique approach! Choose either our at-home catering or our take-out options including our DIY low-country boil pot-to-go or the same great product cooked in house and ready to go. Maximize your beach time and enjoy a meal and experience you won't soon forget!

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"Hands down the best meal I had here. I tried the trendy bayside restaurants. Ok...predictable and overpriced. This was simple, so tasty and filing. Add a glass of wine and it’s heaven."



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"I attended a rehearsal dinner last weekend and they had the Delmarva Boil Company cater the event and they did not disappoint! The food was incredible and it was just an all around fun way to have a bunch of people get together. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a fun, easy way to cater to a bunch of people in a unique away. I look forward to using them for future events!"


"I absolutely love this place! Every time I'm in Ocean City this is at the top of the priority list as it's by far my favorite meal in town. Great for a big group - have done it with family, for a bachelor party but also just get it for myself when I can. I hope they add more locations all over!"




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