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Bachelors, Bachelorettes, and Boils

At 31 years old, I have been to my fair share of bachelor parties in recent years. And something that I have come to realize is that one of the most difficult (annoying) things about the bachelor/bachelorette weekend, aside from the hangover, is making group decisions. Especially after the drinking has started. Agreeing on or finding a place for a group of 10-15 drunk adults to enjoy a meal together, while simultaneously not ruining the dining experience for little Timmy and the family sitting at the table next to them is a tall task.

What if there was a way for the bachelor/bachelorette parties to stay at their rental property, drink their own drinks, play their own music, and keep the party alive while also being able to eat a freshly prepared meal without having to leave, or lift a finger? (I think we all know where this is going)….Well, there is!

Introducing Delmarva Boil Company, making bachelor & bachelorette parties better at the beach since 2018. Seriously though, we show up at your rental unit with all the seafood, our own equipment, and throw down a seafood boil dinner (or lunch) for your group. We’re talking potatoes, corn, sausage, onion, shrimp, all the other seafood, the fixins. We cook it right there at your place and serve the food out as fresh as can be. Then we hang out until you are done eating, clean everything up and take the garbage with us when we leave. It really is a special way to celebrate the weekend in a more private setting than at a restaurant. So whether you’re coming down to Dewey Beach or Rehoboth we’ve got your dinner covered at your bachelorette/bachelor party at the beach this summer!

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